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Nelson - Residence

Building of 14 passive apartments

Brussels, Belgium

Quai du Hainaut 33

Type Residential
Surface 2 100 m²
User Private
Phase Completed
Architect A2M
Contractor Democo
Consultant CreaTec StuBeCo D2S International
Budget 2 380 000€


A residential project of opportunity developed by Nelson and sold to individuals. The intention was to minimize the risk taken on the development of an alternative hotel in an alternative neighborhood. We therefore built an attractive block of passive housing there, the sale price of which was reinvested in the mixed cultural and hotel project.

Process and challenges

While legislation did not yet impose a passive requirement at the time the site was constructed, our wish was to build housing that respected the environment and was energy efficient (hence passive). They were completed in 13 months.


A residential complex comprising 14 passive apartments with an average area of 90 m² and large terraces. A buyer was found within two months of the project being completed.

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