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Nelson reflects the society in which we live... Masculine, feminine, diverse, multi-generational. A group that combines the passion of the mature with the energy of youth for a simple future, where experience is fueled by daring, where responsibility and creativity go hand in hand.


© by Stéphanie Roland
© by Stéphanie Roland



Education : Law

  • knowledge of the Brussels real estate market
  • versatility in areas related to real estate: finance, law, taxation and architecture
  • open-mindedness, entrepreneurial spirit
  • commitment and vision
© by Stéphanie Roland


Project manager

Education : Architectural engineering

  • expertise in the European real estate sector
  • knowledge of technical and economic real estate matters
  • thorough financial analysis of projects
  • precision and organization
© by Stéphanie Roland


Project manager

Education : Architect

  • experience in the technical monitoring of large projects
  • expertise in the development of energy efficient projects

  • ability to integrate innovative and creative real estate concepts
  • calm, capable of taking a cross-functional approach

© by Stéphanie Roland


Project manager

Education : Management and accounting

  • managerial experience as a hotel manager
  • rigor and ability to meet deadlines
  • flexibility, calmness and reliability
© by Stéphanie Roland


Project manager

Education : Architect engineering

  • expertise in the development of sustainable, innovative and durable concepts
  • experience in project/team management
  • ability to envisage new lifestyles
  • reliability, commitment and creativity
© by Stéphanie Roland


Site manager

Education : Technical illustrator

  • Experience in directing large construction sites
  • Field knowledge of constructive practices
  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Perseverance
© by Stéphanie Roland


Project manager

Education : Civil engineering

  • experience and rigor in monitoring large construction sites
  • experience in the management of multidisciplinary teams
  • in-depth technical knowledge (particularly in terms of building structure)


Project manager

Education : Economics/Philosophy

  • Knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market
  • Open-mindedness, linked to holistic experience in fields such as philosophy, economics and management
  • Great networking capacity

Blessed are the cracked, for they let in the light

— M. Audiard